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MMP Premium
Markets, Products & Technology

MMP Premium is present in Beauty Markets (Perfume, Make-up, Care) and in Spirits Markets.

MMP Premium relies on a large technology range including many value-added possibilities: foil laminating, hot-stamping, graining, embossing, window patching, laminating, etc…

By its incorporation into the MMP Group, MMP Premium has access to a broad spectrum of technical know-how, including large formats, hot and cold stamping and microflute laminating.

Finishing Effects

MMP Premium enhancements


MMP Premium conjugates its deep knowledge of cardboard, reinforced by its incorporation in a Group itself producer of cardboard, and its historical know-how in cardboard enhancement. The combination of these effects allows the creation of specific effects, both on the shape and on the material itself. Indeed, best mastered technologies can be associated on folding boxes with classic or complex shapes, or folding boxes with complex folding patterns or inserts. Leather, pearls, linen effects etc. can be textured on the material by the association of technologies such as graining, embossing, stamping etc. depending on the cases, in order to reinforce the value-added.