MMP Premium

MMP Premium relies on its experience and on a wide range of available and new technologies in order to develop products corresponding to the market’s and customers’ high requirements, notably by extending the technical boundaries of the industrial processes.


Creating solutions

MMP Premium builds on a team dedicated to the creation and the development of folding boxes and printed sub-components for set-up boxes.

In close relation with the production floor, the team includes women and men of experience who ensure the best technical developments and the extension of industrial processes to their limits for optimal effect.

Close to the industrial processes, development incorporates its own teams and machineries dedicated to trials.



The Future of Packaging

Pack to the Future

Building on a strong experience and a large variety of technologies, as well as on the know-how of a Group present on diverse markets, MMP Premium relentlessly pursues the development of new shapes, effects and functionalities of the product, at the forefront of the newest developments.